What is the best way to manage technology in relationships?

technology in relationships
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As technology brings a change in every field of our lives. It has a huge impact on our communication style, lifestyle, trips, gossips, gaming, sleeping hours, waking hours, families interactions, decisions, food choices, friendships, breakups, divorce, competitions. As it closes everything together yet makes the people far apart from one another. People sitting together in one place but they are far apart from one another as they are busy on their phones and engaged with their virtual friends.

Limited time for technology

If we want to build strong relationships with family, spouse, siblings, colleagues, neighbors, we just need to give our time to them to have strong relationships with them. If we engaged ourselves with the cellphone all the time. Then a relationship with anybody even cannot be strong and break happens this way. This is possible only when we have limited time for technology in our lives.

Photos all the time

If a couple visits a place they are taking pictures just to show the world they are enjoying their lives. But this practice leads to a lack of satisfaction as one partner needs the time of their soul mate. So we should take fewer pictures and use social media less during our time. So there will be more time for one another and gradually the relationship will get strong.

Posting everything on social media

We should keep our lives secret and make our lives productive rather than display every part of it on social media to be in useless competition.

Fake vs real

Life is real but everything on social media is not real. When we use social media excessively, we demand lavish lifestyles and lead to stress eventually. We should be real with family and spouse and try to build strong relationships with them.


We are trying to make a strong social circle on social platforms and avoid real meetups. We should go and sit with friends and family and enjoy real life rather than faking it on social media.

Face to Face interactions

This is the backbone of every relationship as when we interact face to face we see each other expressions and respond accordingly and solve the issue if there is any of it. This helps us in building strong relationships and leads to satisfaction in our relationships.

More Family time

We should spend quality time with our loved ones and discuss our problems, pains, success, love story, and everything and listen to them carefully. As this leads to happy family life forever.

Establish rules for meals

There should be no use of mobile during meals. Just sit and enjoy the meal with your family and spouse. This little act can change your life and bring real-time happiness.

Establish rules for bedtimes

We waste a lot of time on the phone before sleeping and avoid the people around us. We should set our rules for using technology in our lives. We should sleep properly and wake up mentally fresh and give real-time to our people.

Video calls

If we are away from family members instead of texting them we should do a video call and this builds a strong relationship with them and get the happiness as well.


If we spare time for them, we can listen to their problems and find the solution for them. But this is only possible if we don’t waste our time on social media and stuff.

Wishing them their days

As Facebook and other applications help us in reminding their birthdays and anniversary etc. We should be thankful for it and wish our partner and family members on time and go with them on dinner etc and tease them, making moments happy for them. They are waiting for it.

Setting rules for everything

We should set rules for technology and everything in life to maintain a balance in our lives.

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