Technologies that have changed our lives

changed our lives
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Technology changes every aspect of our lives and makes life fast.

Way of thinking

Because of technology we explore everything online and get an idea about things and doing such thing change our mind. We started thinking out of the box now. Now we have our own opinion in society and appreciate each small doing.


It is one of the incredible impacts of technology. Communication around the world is easy.


Human wants their comfort zone, and technology is doing its job very well. It provides us with everything at our place without interacting with anyone if we don’t want to.


Recently in the Corona pandemic, its role is amazing. Children at their safe place are getting an education like attending lectures online and getting homework in soft form. Because of it, parents are satisfied that their children are safe yet getting their study materials.

Cultural change

Before technology, everyone has their own amazing culture. People admire everyone’s culture as well. Now cultures are merged in the sense people are adopting culturing whatever they liked.

Way of Earning

It creates a lot of remote opportunities and people are earning handsome amounts by working at home. They are not fixed to 8 hours job. They worked whenever they want to do their job.

Dating application

Although in my opinion, this is not as good as it should be. This is being possible because of the technology.


The style of people interactions is changing day by day. They are adopting a mode style for interaction. They do video calls, calls, audio messages to one another and appreciate it.

Fewer Family gatherings

Yet this is the negative impact of it on human lives. People are busy in their lives and making money and enjoying with virtual friends, giving less or no time to their families. Because their preferences are changed day by day.

Social media

This is trending nowadays and it’s good because it raises an actual question on the bad things happening around and brings the things to notice to higher authorities. But people use it for a bad purpose as well like cheap publicity, playing with innocent people.


People are getting more scholarships are compared to previous years when there was less use of technology. Students get benefits to go abroad and graduated there and get a job even.

Country Economy

Technology boosts a country’s economy in so many ways. People are associated with foreign companies and work from their country for them and in other way bring money to their parent country.


Everyone can explore any place on the internet and then add it to their wish list and travel to that place whenever it is suitable for them.


The source of enjoyment is different now. Group chats, conference calls, online games, live shows are now becoming the source of enjoyment.


We can order any food at home if we can’t make that recipe at home.

Business deals

No need to sit in one place and making a deal for business. Now business partners are from different countries and they are making a deal online.


Cousin’s marriages trend is almost changed now. People believe in understanding now.


The medical field is growing day by day because of new researches which is easy because of technology. Today almost every disease treatment is available.

Efficient working

People are efficient rather than hard workers.


Awareness is more about anything than last year.


Tracing the crime site is easy and helps us in catching the criminals on time.

Preparation for future

People are now well prepared for the future, they have an understanding of things and have ideas.

Saving money

Technology saves our money like we can develop in of our skills at home by learning online.

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