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The usage of social media covers all aspects of a student’s life, from academics to socialization. All of them are made easier and more available by means of social media platforms, information access, distribution, and engagement than they are through conventional communication techniques. It is a real possibility for instructors and students to connect and use these platforms to their advantage in future study and learning. Fear, sorrow, worries about body image, mental difficulties, and social isolation are just some of the issues that worry people.

Multiple studies have revealed that at some time in their studies more than 40% of university students are anxious. In recent years, anxiousness among university students has become a significant concern for students. One in five students is believed to have depression or anxiety, according to the magazine “The Conversation.” The excessive use of social media is one of the most significant factors that contribute to the development of these issues.

When it comes to social media platforms, the comparisons between themselves and other people on the site are one of the most important issues facing university students. Consequently, children and teenagers have unrealistic expectations about their behavior and appearance. So they believe that people on social media have a better existence than they do in their own lives. After this incident, many individuals felt unsatisfactory and self-esteem for a long time.

As far as profiles are concerned, some are reenactments of their real lives, of which many college students do not know at the time this piece was written. They are unable due to their ignorance to comprehend the many people who are willing to make adjustments in their lives to create a more appealing profile for those who follow them on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. To comprehend what is going on, it is important to differentiate between the real life of a person and the virtual being they have built as a consequence of this phenomenon.

Many social media studies have shown that students who can’t deal with their current situations and conditions use social media as a method to substitute their teachers and tutors. When a person spends most of his time on social media platforms, according to studies, he or she has substantially decreased his or her capacity to create true human relationships. Following the introduction of this regulation, individuals have substantially limited access to peer help and mentoring. Those involved in social media activities have a detrimental effect on their relationships with those living in the real world. People utilize social networking sites to publish and promote their personality’s most amusing, stunning, and attractive parts, rather than genuine portrayals. Those who believe that these modified copies of the originals have a higher quality of life than the originals are called science fiction lovers. As a result, people appear less fulfilled and happy than they actually are in this condensed condition.

University students who are unaware of their own actions prefer to let their social media determine their future and vocations, reading disgusting things on the internet. More than one research has demonstrated that what children and adolescents see, hear and read on social networking sites in many cases makes them feel sad, worried about, and devalued.

Here are recorded the responses of academics to social media.

There is strong evidence that social media has a negative effect on academic performance. According to a lot of studies, students choose drinks, alcoholic beverages, parties, and medication rather than exams, classes, or assignments. Because pupils are unable to achieve the latter, GPAs and grades drop as a consequence of their failure to do so.

Although some university students believe that the use of social media by students has nothing to do with their academic achievement, according to the researchers, other studies have shown some linkages between the two variables. Students think that social media has a limited impact on their mental health since it may sometimes distract, and research shows that they are correct in this view. If you desire a good time, you may meet your friends on social networking sites and take part in festivities. Although university students try to balance their academic, work, and family responsibilities, the usage of social media may show to be a helpful tool. The students at college may be unsatisfied from time to time with their school activities, but social media platforms enable them to express their dissatisfaction without being harassed or penalized by the administration of the institution.

Young people who endure or are in need of a vacation from their academics and extracurricular work may use social media sites to connect with friends and family; nevertheless, other youngsters can use social media sites to talk to strangers completely. Most studies show the responses of university students to the problems most students have when using social media platforms.

You may communicate with your employees through the intranet.

You have a younger and more restless staff who are more interested in socialization and online participation than productive for the business. It is conceivable that the establishment of an intranet network will allow you to use the natural desire of your employees to socialize in your organization. Several large businesses have adopted this strategy to deter the use of social media at work and also profit from the desire of their employees to interact. This approach has been successful. Online employee engagement solutions encourage social contact and communication between workers, allowing them to exchange ideas and improve their performance as a result of the growth and progress of technology.

In the workplace, intranets are a safe and accessible private network for all workers and smaller groups of workers. Employees may communicate with each other via global chat or relays (such as broadcast messages or announcements). Teams may build a virtual meeting space by merging and bringing together a number of these smaller private options in one location as seen below. The idea of an intranet is not a new concept in the business sector. With the significance of job efficiency increasing, businesses, like Microsoft and IBM, have developed intranets for connecting all their employees, contractors, and workers locally and remotely.

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