Overdependence on technology

Overdependence on technology
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There is a bond between humans and technology and it’s getting stronger day by day. Every coming day new technology evolves and eases the things humans do by hand. There is a friendship between them and it took most of the human’s time. We cannot even imagine our lives without it because life is tough and disconnected from the world. We are addicted to the ease that technology gives us, although we are becoming lazy with every passing day. Now, this thing is out of our control, because technology keeps the record of everything in our life and easily provides us on time.


It is the most important thing a person has all the time. We are directly and indirectly connected with the world through this. We keep checking on everything. We are well aware of everything happening in the world. We raise our voices on spot.

Phones replace books

There was a time when people were used to reading books at bedtime. But now we used to see stories of people shared on social media. If we want to read something we just open our phone for that purpose. Because the internet provides us with all the required study material.

Phone replace alarms

The Cell phone is doing the job of waking us up on time. Even instead of an alarm, we tell someone to call us to wake us up for the job we need to up for. We have no alarm on the side table and if we have still there is no use of it in these days.

Phone replace diaries

Short notes were made to keep the record of things and this thing was so interesting. We have a diary on our phone now and anytime we maintain the record. There is no need for a pen and diary now.

Virtual partners

If we want to learn languages mobile applications provide us with virtual partners to whom we can talk fluently and learn quickly. This work is done efficiently and has a good progress report compared to live sessions.

In touch with families

Living abroad is not easy because we humans feel for our home and miss our loved one and need to talk to them time and again. We cannot afford to visit them frequently. Because of the worthy technology, this problem is not a problem now, they are just a text away from us. We can share any moment of our happiness and sad part with them. Thank you Technology you are doing your job wonderfully.

Online earning

Many people are connected with technology and make it a source of earning. They earn a handsome amount every month and weekly basis. Ecommerce is trending nowadays and people are getting involved more and more. Their families are depending on this source of money.

Live sessions

Even the prime ministers of different countries are doing online sessions and try to solve the general public problems and demands for valuable suggestions. These are important sessions and people are getting an advantage from this type of session. Everybody from any part of the country does participate in this live session.

Online classes

As in 2020 corona spread speedily all over the world and people should keep their distance from one another to avoid the coronavirus. Schools, colleges, and universities students need to attend classes because their future was at stake. Worldwide online sessions start and students are getting their classes online. This is so important these days to learn education and at the same time keeping distance. Online education is the need of the hour.

Online shopping

Sometimes people are busy with their work they cannot go outside for shopping. They search on the internet and order for that specific thing and get it on their doorsteps. It is actually in trend to order online and get on time.

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