Does technology have a positive and negative effect on personal safety?

technology have a positive
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Positive impact on personal safety Technology helps us on time to avoid the harmful situation in many ways:


Whenever we are facing a harmful situation like robbers in the home we can call the police right at that time. Now, this is the positive effect of technology and we use it for our safety purpose.


If we don’t know the numbers like police number, hospital numbers or any other concerned department number we can search these number on the internet and in next second the concerned number is in our hand. This is a blessing without wasting lives and time.


If we are traveling alone then this time our safety is our first priority. If we don’t know the location then google map is the best available option. Like we don’t need to interact with strangers because they can cause harm to us like robbery, money for business, and snatch the phone or car if we have. Now in this case technology prevent such harmful scene to create.

Mobile banking

This is the safest thing in my opinion like to avoid robbery. We don’t need to carry bags not even atm cards for money because mobile banking makes this task so much easy for us that anytime we can make transactions or receive money through the concerned bank mobile application. Even nobody knows about this and so no one can cause harm.

Car trackers

If we are traveling somewhere or we stop somewhere and our mobile phone is powered off then our family or any concerned one can trace us anytime and can save us from any harm.

Videos Recording

This is the safest thing if we record something in video form.No one can dare to give a false statement against us. Because they already know we have the most solid proof of the incident that happened.

Installed cameras:

Through advanced cameras in our office, home, warehouse, or any other place, if we check them properly through we can properly monitor the places and ensure safety for us. Because we monitor each and every activity throughout.

Audio clip

In any harmful environment, if we have no time to type the text in detail, there are various options available for us like audio we can quickly record the audio for the concerned person.


There are strong to weak passwords depending on which one we used for our data or for our important informations.No one can take our personal information without our permission and cannot harm us in any way. We should not share our passwords with anybody for our safety.

personal safety As the use of technology society is increasing day by day. So it has a negative effect on the safety of that person as well.

Checked in:

The young generation gives the details of their daily activities to social platforms which can be used by evil-minded people against them. But in this case, we voluntarily giving our data to them, using such data anyone can cause us harm.


As communication nowadays is very easy with anyone anytime. But we don’t know the background of the person we are talking with and even the intentions of that person for us. Son many bad incidents already reported in past years.

No observation

When we are in a rushy place or alone, we should not use the cellphone frequently because in this case, we cannot observe the surroundings and anything ill happening around us and in this way we can be the victim of the harmful thing.

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